Action – Reaction – Interaction

ACTION-REACTION INTERACTION project proposes three types of activities, all of them having as target group youngsters with low opportunities from an underprivileged area of Romania. These activities are as follows:

 1. Becoming aware / informing Activities (using non-formal educational methods such as: brainstorming, workshop, role game/ process simulation, dydes/trydes, study case, facilitated discussions, debate, observation, e-campaign, study visit, door to door informing, public presentation, local newsletter):

Fight against discrimination!

  • Increasing the awareness of the youngsters regarding the importance of cooperation between public and private sector in realizing the local youth policies, the risks associated to the racist and xenophobe attitudes. From this category, the partners will organise the following types of activities: the seminar called “Roles and Responsibilities in Youth Local Policies” and a study case regarding the methods of getting the youngsters and other local stakeholders involved in defining and implementing the social corporate responsibility policies.
  • Increasing the informing level of the youngsters regarding the youth programs subscribed to social corporate responsibility policies and to youth programs financed from public funds. From this category, the partners will organize: a training module concerning the risks associated to the racist and xenophobe attitudes, realizing and presenting to the public of a documentary regarding the local community (Bucuresci commune from Hunedoara County) and its prejudices.

2. The evaluating and researching activities (using methods such as: interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, mail box of the participant, mail-box of the organizers, sliced pizza, e-public journal of the beneficiary, e-voting, facilitated discussions, happy poster, quantitative analyses of the materials produced during the activities, sessions of processing learning experiences).


  • Evaluating each type of implemented activity by the direct and indirect beneficiaries and by the partners by the latest 2 weeks from the end of the project;
  • Realizing a good practice guide about mentorship activity in Amicus Program context by a team of 10 youngsters during 10 months;   
  • Realising a good practice guide about the prevention risks measures and crises management in Amicus Program context by a team of 10 youngsters. 

The concrete organized actions from this category are: a workshop regarding good practices within Amicus Program and a public event for presenting the Good Practice Guide for Mentorship Activity within Amicus Program Context and the Good Practice Guide for the Prevention Risks Measures and Crises Management within Amicus Program Context.

3. Activity mentions organizing volunteer stages/ civil services for youngsters with low opportunities on a partnership base between a Romanian organization and a French one, from French Guyana Department during a 1 month period. The project stipulates the assurance of both mentorship service and reinforced mentorship. 

During the service stage the following types of activities are going to be realized:


  • Making a documentary about the host community in which there will be shown the activities of the cultural life, the customs and the local concerns, and also the concepts about the Corporate Social Responsibility program and its promotion for the local community on the electronic space;
  • the young people’s informing from the community, regarding the non-formal educational opportunities;
  • the realization of some out-door actions which increase the unity of the group and stimulate the civic responsibilities, together with the young participants from the local communities in French Guyana;
  • organizing out-door activities designed to increase the mutual trust of participants,
  • writing an article about a Corporate Social Responsibility programme in the area of Department of French Guyana


Start date of the Project: 15/02/2009
End date of the Project: 15/02/2010

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